Philippe hopes that spending a week with his father who is moving to a senior residence near Paris following the suicide of his wife, will help him patch up their difficult relationship. He also wants to understand his mother's fatal deed, for which his father claims to have no explanation.

Intrigued by his father's lack of interest, Philippe investigates his parents' past before he was born and discovers the cruel environment of their youth. This is how he learns the secret that led his mother to her tragic decision.

Inspired by the gaps that all parents, even ones with peaceful pasts, leave in the stories they tell their children, "A Dark and Distant Place" delves into family histories-and finds that their connections to our present make them not so distant after all.




Born and educated in France, I graduated in Business Administration and started a career in international marketing which, after Paris, took me to Hamburg, Brussels, London and finally New York. After a few years as a CEO, though, I realized that if I wanted to pursue my dream of being a writer, I had to make a choice. I then resigned and ended my business career, a decision I never regretted.

I submitted my first novel "Simple Soldat" to several French publishers and was fortunate to see it published by Albin Michel, a leading publishing house.

Having signed up for a screenwriting course with NYU, I wrote the screenplay for the movie adaptation of my first novel. It was bought by a French producer who agreed to let me direct the movie since I made it a condition to the deal. The movie came out as "Le fusil de bois" and won a couple of awards.

Back in New York, I kept on writing and had four more novels published in France. The titles are on my website

I now live in Manhattan with my wife, Toni, a talented painter.

Another dream of myself was to publish a novel in English. "A dark and distant place" was just published by Outskirts press.