Bilingual - French/English


C’est l’histoire d’adorables jumeaux, une petite fille et un petit garçon, qui sont prêts et de bonne volonté pour aider leur papa à laver sa voiture. Ils y mettent tout leur cœur.

Tout ce qu’ils veulent, c’est que leur papa soit fier d’eux et ont décidé de faire un travail “parfait”! Mais......

"It is the adorable story of twins, a girl and a boy, who are ready and eager to help their dad wash the car. They work really hard to make dad proud, trying to clean the car perfectly. But not everything goes according to plan..."



Anne-Marie Martens and Marjorie Joys, co-authors of The Twins Mia & Mateo Daddy’s Little Helpers are a true team. Mother and daughter as well as writers, the pair are passionate about writing children’s books.

Anne-Marie Martens is a mother of four, grandmother of three; her background teaching kindergarten and elementary age students led her to the conclusion that speaking more than one language is the future – and it’s never too early to start. Writing a bilingual children’s book was always her dream, and writing with her daughter seemed perfect.

Marjorie Joys felt the same way. The mother of a 7-year-old, Marjorie has worked with children for many years as a childcare provider. “Writing a children's book with my mother has always been a goal, we have a great relationship - our strengths complete each other and we make a great team,” she enthuses. She also studied art in Belgium, which helped the pair create a strong visual rhythm for the book, winningly illustrated by Brazilian artist Vanessa Alexandre.



The Twins Mia & Mateo Daddy’s Little Helpers was inspired by the mother/daughter team’s first-hand knowledge of many sets of twins. “Twins will be a team no matter what,” she attests, adding that she was fascinated by “their special connection, their way of helping each other, and covering for each other.

MIA & MATEO - A.M Martens & M. Joys