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The original novel, "La valise noire aux nœuds roses," was an immediate success and continues to capture the hearts of French readers across the world (125 Amazon book reviews).  

"Laure is in the twilight of her life when she embarks on a search for her long-lost brother...little does she know that a chance encounter with five women will send her on the mission of a lifetime. A feel-good story with plenty of unexpected twists and turns."



Sandrine Mehrez Kukurudz is French writer and Franco-American events producer who has been living in the USA for the past 14 years, 7 of which in New York.  She poured all of her passion into this adventuresome novel that will have you reading your way to faraway destinations, confinement and all! Her characters will show you around the France of her youth and her present-day American life.


PINK BOWS ON A BLACK SUITCASE - Sandrine Mehrez Kukurudz

$15.99 Prix original
$11.19Prix promotionnel
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