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Livre idéal pour les jeunes qui apprennent le français ou les jeunes français pour la lecture de leurs premiers romans! 


EN: Annabelle thinks she knows Melissa well. After all, they’ve been best friends on social media since they started out as pen pals in early high school. but when Annabelle, from France, goes to visit Melissa in the US a Halloween trip to an amusement park reveals that Melissa is not the person Annabelle thought she was. And after an encounter with an unexpectedly terrifying clown, Melissa isn’t sure about the person she has become.

FR: Annabelle pense connaître Melissa. Après tout, elles amies sur les réseaux sociaux depuis qu'elles ont commencé un échange dans leur lycée respectif. Mais quand Annabelle vient de France pour rendre visite à Melissa aux Etats-Unis pour Halloween, leur visite à une forêt hantée révèle que Melissae n'est pas la personne que Annabelle pensait connaître. Et après une rencontre terrifiante avec un clown, Melissa n'est pas certaine de savoir qui elle est devenue. 

Broché : 66 pages


About the author: Teresa Louise Torgoff has long known all kinds of teenagers, as a bi-cultural kid herself, then a lawyer advocating for youth in trouble in France, and now a secondary school French teacher in Virginia, where she has been teaching for 7 years. She wrote these books not only as material appropriate for her students’ learning level, but also as reading they would find compelling. Like her classroom teaching, these texts are based on a comprehensive approach that favors actively drawing students into a language from the start, so that they enjoy and get comfortable using it, and then seek to master its rules.  


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