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This book presents an inventory of disability care in several European countries and the United States of America during a critical twenty-five year period, from 1980 to 2005, during which there emerged a real awareness of the absence of defined rights for disabled people leading to a transformative change in the mentality of political leaders and breakthrough legislation to address this situation. When contemplating a person with a disability from the outside, one can have the mistaken impression that it's a concern only for the affected person. Yet, if you consider that the disabled person could have been you—whether due to fate, illness, an accident or genetics--you realize that it can happen to you in an instant without warning, regardless of gender, social status or geographical region, and with unprecedented brutality. Caring for People with disabilities means looking after Each One of Us.Michel Tessier was born in Paris, France, and currently lives in the United States of America. He is an internationally recognized advocate and authority on disabled children’s rights, serving in numerous roles including National Delegate for Disability, Vice President of Public Education Parents Association and President of European Parents of Disabled Students. He is best known for initiating a law in the French parliament providing Scholar Life Assistants for special needs children in public schools. In recognition of his actions and contributions as an authority on disabilities, he received the distinction of "Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Légion d'Honneur, Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honor” from the President of the French Republic.


Interview :


Born in Paris, Michel Tessier starts out as a press photographer, travels a great deal, sometimes to war zones.

His career takes him to the world of fashion where he works for many different magazines and advertisement agencies.

In October 2010, Michel Tessier has his book « Itineraire d’un amendement voté » published by les Editions Jérôme Do Bentzinger, and shortlisted for the Prix Edgar Faure. It tells the story of the long and painful struggle of a family who - with the help of associations and elected officials - initiate a law voted concerning the schooling of handicapped chidren and special needs teachers.

In March 2011, Michel Tessier has a second book published by Jérôme Do Bentzinger : L’Elévator, a comedy set in the world of football from Marseilles to Paris, which reflects on « Living together » in this world of diversity.

In January 2012, Michel Tessier has his third book « Sagamore Le Dossier After Shave » published by Editions Artalis, the story of  a Chaman who use his extraordinary powers to help the police to catch a serial Killer.

« Wagon » is Michel Tessier’s fourth book and the first in English Translated from French ,published on Amazon January 2018. A journey with Michel’s Grand Parents from Drancy to Auschwitz.

In November 2019 Michel Tessier published on Amazon “Disability Rights ,1980 -2005 The breakthough years An inventory of the disability rights in Europe and USA

In recognition of his actions and contributions as an authority on disabilities he received of “Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honor from the French Republic President.


Since 2017 Michel Tessier lives in Miami.


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