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Coffee Table Book 8.5’’x11’'

Hard Cover, 152 pages 

“This art book features the story of the creation of the series of sculptures named LivenLuLu by VeroDalla ; the philosophy behind it, through texts, quotes, and pictures, covering ten years. It invites the reader to a profound questioning about our society and the need for awareness for a better world.”



Sculptor and painter Véronique Anne Chabrolle, a.k.a VeroDalla, was born in Burgundy, France.

Her life centered around success in the world of gastronomy until an encounter with a poppy flower changed her existence forever. The poppy called VeroDalla to pursue art. Her experience returning from the brink of death, during childhood, heavily influenced her artistic practice and mission.

Her unique work examines what society’s social restrictions repress in humans’ emotional ability and expression. Her work probes the viewer to question their life when they meet themselves in VeroDalla’s figures or drawings.

Her sculptures awaken the individual and reconnect them with their inner self. Her work lives in public and private collections, featuring clients from more than 30 countries, bringing people together one piece at a time. 

Verodalla currently lives and works in Manhattan and Jersey City.

LIVENLULU - BEAU LIVRE - VeroDalla (édition française)

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